Frequently Asked Questions


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    We DON’T have dedicated lanes because we work only with owners. For one owner it may be a good load, for another bad one, that’s why we don’t have anything dedicated.
    – if you ask if we have loads in some specific state – yes we do, but this is a spot loads, we don’t have dedicated loads!

    No, you can work only under our authority.
    We provide:
    – logbook – $15 per week. ($55 for a logbook if you want to have 24/7 support.)
    – Prepass available – $20 per month ($5 per week).
    – $270 – cargo and liability insurance – every week. (the insurance is for 1 000 000 $ for liability and 100 000 for Cargo)
    – $38 – occupational insurance – every week.
    If you have your own plates and registration, prepass, ELD or occupational insurance you can keep it. We will charge only for cargo and liability insurance. It’s mandatory.

    The trailer rental is from $900 – 1400$ per month. All depends if it`s under our Physical Damage Insurance or yours.

    Or you can do Load Out option. When we book you a trailer for 1 week and then you have to return it.

    No, we don`t. You can choose the region where you want to stay.

    534 Territorial Drive, Bolingbrook, IL 60440
    We have nice office and a big parking lot! If you want to come, we will be happy to see to you!

    Do you have questions about how we can help your company? Send us an email and we’ll get in touch shortly.